Friday, August 11, 2006


Creampie Eating Men Story

Rob was old enough and experienced enough to know what he was doing, and young enough to have the stamina I wanted. I knew I wasn't going to cum. I know fran has told you that it takes direct clitoral stimulation for that to happen. But it felt so good! I had one leg over the back of the front seat, the other locked around Rob's butt, which was still covered by his slacks! He was humping me hard, grunting, and I was humping him back. And we were kissing.
When he was ready to cum he stopped and looked at me and asked "on you or in you?" "In me" I told him. "Won't your husband know?" he asked. He was still slowly stroking me. "Yes, and he'll love it when I let him eat my pussy" I told him. That did it for him. He groaned and slammed into me, and even though I couldn't actually feel him spurting I could feel an increase in the wetness down there.
When he was done he pulled back and I adjusted my panties back in place to hold things in. He looked at me and said something like "that's it?" I laughed and said "yeah, for now, but I'd like to do this again sometime in a more comfortable place and take more time if you'd like to". He said he'd love to do that!
As I was driving home and walking in the house, I felt all "squishy" between my legs. I grabbed fran and took him directly to the bedroom for two reasons. First, I wanted to share the creampie with him. Second, I wanted to get cleaned up. It's not that I don't enjoy having creampie eating men, but when it starts running out and getting squishy it's, well, yucky. Fran liked it though! He licked me good, then got on top and added to it! Damn that felt good! And it was so hot knowing that creampie eating men were enjoying a creampie I'd brought home without him even being involved.
After he added to the mess I asked him to go down and get me off, which he gladly did. The drinks and activities all added up to a very good, satisfying orgasm for me! I don't know when I'll do that again, but right now I'm thinking I will!

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